Conventional Russian Wedding Images

We’ve previously published Russian Dating Profile Pics, Creepy Russian Playgrounds, and Weird Russian Mafia Gravestones… works out that even if it comes to wedding pictures, no one does it since embarrassing as Russians.

The Russians evidently have strange liking for raw birds./h2>

There’s unfortunate & worthless. After which there’s Russian sad & worthless.

Russia is a huge Alabama.

What’s aided by the birds?

I understand that image because of the guy that is squatting a parody and irony.

They’re all simply wanting to be funny…this is indeed stupid, it could’ve been called “sad and useless us wedding photos” we actually see no huge difference. You will want to simply have a web page of absurd wedding pictures as opposed to target a nation.

The Watermelon!! HAHAHA

Many people need certainly to smile more Otherwise Frickin HILARIOUS…

Really i believe it really is a evidence, that the russians have sense that is really lovely of.

What exactly is with all the current natural birds?

The watermelon!! ?? or even the giant horses ass wtf!?

Why do all Russian dudes look alike? The ladies during these pictures are quite pretty, the guys look well…ROUGH. Too much vodka?

The mini bride in the pocket is just a no no!

The chickens will be the ironic installing of a intimate wedding tradition of tossing up pigeons, which signify love and freedom.

Extremely strange and not any such thing that u would desire as pictures in your wedding album…all of these are crappy!!

We are now living in Alabama. We don’t throw chickens. We fry them!

They’re simply individuals having a good time! Truly the only one that is questionable the watermelon, could be a wee bit excessively! Read the rest of this entry »