In certain countries, private cars are actually banned from certain city centers.

IELTS Task that is writing 2 Essay

Which are the advantages of such a system and do you think that this is something that most cities should adopt? Give reasons behind your answer you need to include any relevant examples from your understanding or experience.

Sample Answer

Driving is a status that is real among lots of people. Cars and private vehicles have made human life easier and convenient to a great extent. But in this age that is metropolitan while experiencing comfort travelling, we also face the difficulty of traffic congestion. Lots of countries are taking efficient steps to improve pollution levels by imposing many restrictions on vehicles. During my perspective, the prohibition of private cars alone just isn’t a permanent solution as it requires varied methods like upgrading public transport facilities as well as the infrastructure among these metropolia.

Undoubtedly, personal cars are comparatively suitable than public transportation, and the majority of the locals are accepting this challenge of compulsory use of public transit. Many European cities, such as for instance London, have started implementing outright bans so driving around Central London will charge a congestion fee that is heavy. Therefore, 1 / 2 of the roads in London has been declared as ‘pedestrian priority’ zone. Besides London, Paris has also applied the no vehicle that is personal in which they usually have banned cars made before 1997 and also initiate people to use go car-free on weekends by making use of bicycles for travelling. These efforts have greatly reduced vehicle emission in several elements of the whole world.

However, there is certainly opposite side associated with coin. Completely restricting the four-wheelers through the city centers would negatively affect the economy that is overall of country. A few drawbacks of the scheme are that it would restrict the freedom of this people by controlling their fundamental right. It can also affect the disabled category as they will have to face the inconvenience of taking public transport that does not have any special facilities for them. Banning vehicles that are private city centers can prove to be heavy on people’s pocket too.

From my personal standpoint, banning private cars completely is certainly not a wise idea to control environmental issues. Therefore, the government can encourage to make use of efficient method of public transportation. They ought to also spread the awareness to persuade the individuals to car-pool by restricting odd and even license plates on alternating days. Cities like Madrid and Oslo are successful in eliminating vehicle emission and taking diesel cars off their roads.

Celebrity endorsement has become very popular. Even brands that are mediocre after this trend for promoting or launching a product. Certainly, product endorsement is a conventional and highly effective marketing strategy to spread brand awareness. Nonetheless, moreover it bears certain risks as well. In this specific article I will discuss both pros and cons of celebrity branding.

In the first place the benefits of celebrities advertising for different companies, building trust may be the main positive. A large number of individuals evaluate these celebrities because their role model and trust them. Therefore, they find an item authentic and acceptable if their celebrity that is favorite is it. Furthermore, it becomes easier for the people to custom-writings remember or recall the advertisement if a famous personality promotes it .

Studying the other side of this argument, the predominant disadvantage may be the cost involved with this activity that is promotional. Companies which are in a position to spend a amount that is huge of on advertisements care the greatest beneficiaries of the practice. On the other hand, financially incapacitated companies cannot sign a high profile to market their brands. Hence, in spite of making quality products their business suffers. Sometimes, such marketing practices can adversely impact the goodwill of a business. I am talking about to state that negative publicity associated with the celebrity has a direct impact on the revenue of this company. Declining stardom of a public figure can bring a considerable drop in company’s overall sales.

Concluding both the sides, celebrity endorsement is definitely a marketing strategy that is powerful. It will help in market expansion. Moreover, it can positively affect the perception and get intentions for the customers. I really believe, the benefits in terms of reliability and trust outweigh any drawbacks.

Do the advantages are thought by you of charging people for admission to museums outweigh the disadvantages?

Museums are a source that is great of in societies. Many museums charge a amount that is hefty an entrance fee, however others try not to. There are numerous people who argue that entry of the institutes that are educational be free of cost to serve the society better. I really believe that charging a amount that is nominal an entrance fee can be beneficial in several ways.

Undeniably, charging a amount that is hefty visitors has many adverse effects. Firstly, it deprives people of lack in possibility to access all the vital information about history, art and science. Secondly, paying an entrance fee could be the major factor to impact the rise in popularity of a museum over others, despite having many artifacts. Many citizens will start flinching from visiting these institutions due to the entrance charges. This could eventually place the existence of museums on stake.

Despite having a few drawbacks, entrance charges may be beneficial in a variety of ways. Most prominently, museums authorities can use the entrance fee amount for many purposes. By way of example, time-to-time renovation cost, electricity charges, safety and security cost to operate these institutions properly. Moreover, it has been noticed in the past that many times the governments are not able to meet with the dependence on these institutions. However by charging an entrance fee, museums might have their revenue that is own to the spot neat and attractive to get more visitors.

To conclude, charging entrance fee for museums can attract negative remarks from some people. I think posing a nominal amount on visitors can be beneficial in a variety of ways for museums.

Talk about the following topic:
Nowadays, parents are allowing their children to use tablets and smartphones to enhance learning.
Do the advantages of the development outweigh the disadvantages?

Give cause of your answer and include any example that is relevant your personal knowledge or experience.

In past times few years, modern tools has become available to society at large. Increasingly more parents are depending on computers and laptops in order to make their children learn new things. In this article, I will discuss both merits and demerits of employing technology for learning.

Let’s start by taking a look at the advantages of using tablets and smartphones. The main positive is that it supports social interaction and enhances communication skills. Put simply, children can connect with their easily friends and family. Moreover, due to their advanced features, compact devices like cell phones have become more than simply a device that is calling. They can be used for learning and entertainment as well. Children have the possiblity to learn through various applications that are educational. Furthermore, winning contests on smartphones, increases their mental stimulation and concentration.

Turning to the other region of the argument, excessive utilization of electronic devices makes children devoid of physical exercise. It not only hampers their personal growth but also physical development. Another issue is that, children prefer isolation and become hooked on the unit. As a result, it adversely affects their interpersonal as well as social skills.

Considering both the relative sides, we can conclude that balance is the key. Although, smartphones and tablets have multiple benefits, reading and other physical exercises are also essential for children’s development that is overall. In my opinion, the educational benefits of using electronic devices outweigh any drawbacks.